This page lists current courses in mad studies. If you are running a mad studies course and want people to know about it, use the contact page to send us the details.

Mad Studies at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Ryerson offers a ‘Mad People’s History’ course on-line

These three YouTube videos give a brief introduction to the themes covered:

1. Introducing Mad People’s History

2. Presenting the consumer/survivor/ex-patient movement

3. Self-labelling and Identity

These three videos explore what it means to be Mad Positive in the academy:

The virtual web gallery of student artwork from the two mad studies courses at Ryerson

Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto – including past course outlines for Mad Studies at Ryerson

Mad Studies at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

In Spring 2014 the first Mad Studies course within a University in the UK titled Mad People’s History and Identity was co-created and delivered  in partnership with Mad identified and Mad positive academics and activists at Queen Margaret University.  The course is a free and has been developed through a collaboration between Queen Margaret University, CAPS Advocacy and NHS Lothian’s Health and Well Being Programme. The short course, currently taught over six weeks is to be held annually at Queen Margaret University.  The first fifteen mad identified students completed the course in May 2014.  Mad Studies, and this course in particular, offers  a learning community and space in which the student’s can make sense of, and deconstruct, socially constructed discourses of madness and challenge the dominant and historical hegemonic discourses of madness.  Mad People’s History and experiences are privileged within the curriculum.

Newcastle-Upon Tyne, England

North East Mad Studies Forum are offering a community course in Mad Studies, July-August 2016.

Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

A Mad Studies module is offered as part of the Joint Honours BA degree in Childhood Studies and Disability Studies.


Since 2014 there has been a Mad Studies group in The Netherlands, organized by Stitching Perceval.


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