Facebook Groups

The Autism Nottingham and East Midlands Facebook Group aim to promote social inclusion, understanding and equality for Autistic people as free and equal human beings.

The Mad Failures Facebook Group: We are committed to making visible the work of mad people – art, stories, etc. in order to disrupt mainstream capitalist “success” narratives and “business-as-usual.” The work must be connected to the idea of failure. Interpret this as widely as you’d like. Work that has failed, work that is about failure… Anyone can submit by sending their work via private message to the page. They can have their work published with their name or remain anonymous. Please submit! ♥

The Mad Studies Network Facebook group: Mad Studies is a collection of resources and posts bringing together an international network of mad studies endeavours.

The Queering and Trans*-forming Mad Studies Facebook group: This group is a space to talk about, and share resources on, Mad Studies, Critical Mental Health Studies, and Dis/Ability Studies, as well as their intersections with critical discourse on gender/transgender, sexuality, race and ethnicity, religion, experiences of mental distress, neurodiversity, class, nationality, and colonisation.

‘Recovery In The Bin’ Facebook Group (closed) -This User Led group is for MH Survivors and Supporters who are fed up with the way colonised ‘recovery’ is being used to discipline and control those who are trying to find a place in the world, to live as they wish, trying to deal with the very real mental distress they encounter on a daily basis. We believe in human rights and social justice!

Reading/Teaching/Learning groups

The Hamilton Mad Students Collective: A Peer Support and Advocacy Community, Canada

My Mad Space group for anyone who is using their lived experience of mental distress in teaching and learning – or would like to!!

North East Mad Studies forum: We meet to discuss and debate a range of contemporary issues cutting across mental health, disability studies, sociology, geography and social policy.  Open to all! Meets bi-monthly at the seminar room at the Institute of Advanced Study, Palace Green, Durham ( For any questions or further details please e-mail Victoria Armstrong v.e.potts’at’ (Twitter: @stigmaresearch)

Community Groups

Oor Mad History: A community history group celebrating the achievements of the mental health service user movement in the Lothians (Scotland) and preserving our history.

National and International groups

Critical Voices Network Ireland: a network for people from diverse backgrounds (people with self experience, carers, professionals, academics and interested others) who want an Irish mental health system which is not based on the traditional bio-medical model. This network provides an opportunity to share, discuss and debate critical perspectives on and beyond recovery.

The European Network of (ex)-Users and Survivors of Psychiatry

The Mad Society of Canada: We are a grassroots group aiming to create a national community of practice connecting survivors, researchers, advocates & allies, practitioners, etc, who are interested in survivor led and driven initiatives.

Shaping Our Lives – A UK national network of service users and disabled people


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