About this site…

Hello and welcome!

This started as a website for the Mad Studies stream at Lancaster Disability Studies conference 2014. At first it just had the abstracts and programme from the conference. But since then it has grown. Those who attended the conference thought it might a good idea to begin an international network, so that those involved with Mad Studies could connect with each other, share work and ideas. So we started with some Shared Principles. Lucy Costa wrote a helpful introduction to Mad Studies. And people started getting in touch with information about the facebook group then run, the reading group they started, or a paper they wrote.

So now you can find a list of Mad Studies groups, courses, calls for papers/participation and resources. We even have an archive of Mad Studies events. We’re adding to these lists on a regular basis – if you see something missing get in touch and let us know.

We welcome guest posts about Mad Studies and what it means to you, or a Mad Studies take on current affairs, just get in touch!

The site and mailing list are administered by Brigit McWade. She doesn’t get to spend as much time on it as she would like to!

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